About Fabrizio Regalli

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My name is Fabrizio.
I am currently working as infrastracture engineer.
I have a solid experience in designing, building and maitaining on-premis and cloud environments. My proven track record in cloud computing includes:

  • Developing and deploying scalable cloud-based solutions for mission-critical applications.

  • Designing and implementing cloud solutions for complex high-availability applications.

  • Conducting research and evaluation of cloud-based products, technologies, and services.

  • Developing and documenting cloud architectures, best practices, and standards.

I am a Certified AWS Solutions Architect and have knowledge of other cloud environments such as Oracle or Google Cloud.
With many years of experience in various IT fields, I can be involed in DevOPS/SRE tasks also.

  • Skills:

    • AWS
    • Python & Bash
    • HTML & CSS
    • Jenkins
    • SQL
    • Linux & Command-Line
    • VSCode
    • Terraform
    • CI/CD
    • SMTP
    • Networking